2019.12.14 Puli Carnival


The mayor’s carnival education action is about to begin!

Every December is a carnival event in Puli. Through the street street, the spirit of the townspeople is gathered and the community, schools and groups are performed!

However, the mayor has to report to you that the Puli Town Office has specially planned a new “Puli Carnival” event this year, which includes “Toy Christmas Tree”, “Carnival Parade”, “SDGS Sustainable Indicators for Children”, and “Feng” Activities such as the market gathering and the “mascot parade”, the mayor of the town, Aber, hopes to bring more opportunities for education and learning to our children and folks through activities.

We will hold this carnival this year from 13:00 to 18:00 on 12/14 (Saturday). We welcome all the folks to participate in this year’s most fun activities. We also sincerely invite all groups from Puli to come to perform and creative. The stalls are used for stalls, and the folks can sign up for the following links.

Recently, the activity team has started the “Toy Recycling Activity”. Please collect the second-hand toys together, let the toys that have spent the happy time with us in the past, and have the final appearance. The town mayor Abo wants everyone to support.

In addition, the mayor felt that Puli should have a cute and handsome mascot and market it together in Shanchengpu. Therefore, the public office will hold the “Puli mascot” voting activity. Please ask the folks to look forward to the grand event at the end of Puli!

2. Performance group registration form download:https://drive.google.com/…/1S1QEVqDux9VOILnjqntRLU2gB3IiaB1…

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