Animal music box 

This is a Do-It-Yourself hand crank music box designed with interlocking structure. You can assemble it by yourself and paint it the way you like. It is great for kids to DIY. Available characters: Dog, Tiger, Cattle, Zebra, Giraffe, Dragon, Sheep and Deer.

It has the crank on the side and it plays the tune as long as you are turning the handle. If you stop cranking it, it stops playing immediately. You can choice a tune from the tune list below.

Now select your favor animal design and start making your own hand crank animal music box!

[ Materials ] Plywood, Music movement
[ Tools ] Screwdriver, small mallet
[ DIY time ] 15-25 minutes
[ Suggested age ] 5 years old + and parents accompany

[The kit includes] • A package of component boards (2 boards)
• A Japan “Sankyo” hand crank music box movement