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7-11 pick up payment

Pick up payment is for members of Taiwan Island. After shipment, about two days to reach 7-11 designated stores, please within seven days to complete the payment, overdue goods will be returned.

Credit Card

We recommend using VISA / MasterCard / JCB to pay. Credit card online credit card service through online security certification, all the world’s issuing bank VISA / MasterCard / JCB can be used. Internet shopping, such as the choice of credit card payment, please confirm the status of the credit card to ensure that the online credit card is successful, the company can not check your card status, if you can not obtain bank authorization to complete the payment, the transaction automatically invalidated.


Select PayPal payment, press “confirm payment”, knock on the wood and PayPal will be the encrypted and secure connection, and you will be taken to PayPal payment page, please peace of mind payment. If you are using PayPal for the first time, you will be charged a one-time NT $ 29 fee, which will be charged directly to you by PayPal. You will not be charged with any fees.

Delivery (using home delivery logistics)

If you choose home delivery, the product will be sent on the same day and will usually arrive on the next day. The system will also provide the logistics number for customer inquiries.

7-11 Loaning

Pickups are for use by members of the Taiwan Island area only. After Kokomu for shipment, it will take approximately two days to reach the 7-11 Store. Please complete the pickup payment within seven days and the overdue goods will be returned.

SF Express – S.F. Express

For shipment to Hong Kong and Macau, we use SF Express to make the product arrive at those areas. The system will also provide a logistics number for customer inquiries.

When the general order is set up, we will be in the day or every other day will send the product (if the official website has a public notice except) according to your choice of logistics, generally about 2-3 days arrival

KOKOMU provide by the use of HTTPS secure communication protocol and 128bit security encryption, in line with international safety standards and access to Taiwan banks and credit card company certification standards, you can feel safe to use.

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