Drive by yourself

Ailan Interchange > Xinyi Road (towards the direction of Cingjing) > After the Carrefour (left at the flashing light, Datong Street)

1. On the Weekend. or holiday, please park directly in the parking lot behind the knocking wood.
2. On weekdays vehicles, only 5-6 parking spaces are available in front of KOKOMU, or they can be parked in front of the road

Public Transportation

1. Take the Taiwan High Speed Rail to Taichung Wuri Station (or Taiwan Railway to Xinwuri Station, then walk to the High Speed Rail Station)
2. Exit 5, 6 of the lobby of the Ukrainian Railway Station on the high-speed rail, the escalator down, to the 1st floor “Guest Operation Station”
3. Go to “Nantou BUS” to purchase tickets, go to Exit 5, Bus No. 3, and transfer to Nantou BUS Route 6670 or 台灣好行巴士 Sun Moon Lake Line”

★ About 30 minutes to Puli, the journey is about 50 (drive country 6) ~ 80 (drive station 14) minutes
★ About 60 minutes from the previous month, about 90 minutes by car

From Puli BUS Station to KOKOMU ” Must take a taxi”