Kokomu Popular DIY products recommended!

This summer is coming again. Is the “kids” at home wanting to run outside? KOKOMU has launched several good DIY products in the summer vacation, hoping to accompany your big friends and children for the summer vacation! We have always been asking for the children to do it and to cultivate a sense of accomplishment. I don’t want to be beaten by the scores all day long, so let’s take a look at those items!

DIY Pendulum Clocks

Kokomu has designed six different Pendulum clocks. The cute tail below will swing with the product. The product can be colored by itself and attached with a back box frame. After going home, you can hang it on the wall. Is it very suitable for parents to complete together! The product size is about 37 x 20cm, and the carton can be put in and taken home after completion.

DIY Nutcracker Sharpening machine

This pencil sharpener can also be DIY. After the assembly is completed, it can be colored. The space above can also be used as a pen holder! Is it suitable for the children who are just getting elementary school?

DIY Christmas tissue box

After Christmas last year, KOKOMU will continue to design several different tissue boxes. After the tissue box is put in from the top, the tissue paper can be taken out from the mouth of the Nutcracker and can be colored by itself, placed in the living room and desk at home. Before, every day, watching him feel happy in your heart! Product Size:16 x 11 x 28cm

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